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The International Mobility Program of the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Adab at the State Islamic University Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin in Banten is a unique initiative providing foreign students with the opportunity to delve into the study of Islam in Indonesia and specifically in the province of Banten for a semester. During this program, participants will attend lectures delivered by distinguished professors who are experts in their respective fields. These professors not only possess high academic credentials but also bring the valuable perspective of being alumni from some of the best universities worldwide.

Throughout the semester, international students will be immersed in a comprehensive academic experience, gaining insights into Islamic studies from both Indonesian and global perspectives. The program aims to foster a rich cultural exchange and understanding by providing a platform for students to interact with esteemed faculty members and fellow students. This initiative not only enhances the participants’ knowledge of Islam but also contributes to the global dialogue on Islamic studies.

In essence, the International Mobility Program at the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Adab exemplifies the university’s commitment to promoting international collaboration and cultural diversity in the academic exploration of Islam.


class room

We have 2 Class Room for international students which are used for lecture activities.


We have a library which contains Islamic books, history and classical Arabic books.


We have 6 laboratories to support lecture activities for international and local students.

Discussion room

We have a discussion room for students as a place to discuss popular issues.


We provide accommodation on campus for international students.


International students can enjoy various Indonesian culinary delights and typical Banten food in the canteen.


We have a spacious and comfortable hall to use for various events.

Consultation Room

We provide a consultation room for students who need solutions to the problems



Islamic Culture in Banten


Issues on Religious Moderation


Arabic Skills


Indonesian Language for non-native Speakers


Issues and Metodologies in Islamic Studies


The Network of Ulama in Indonesia


Compiled Islamic Law in Indonesia


The History of Islam in Indonesia


Islam and Politics in Indonesia


Comparative Jurisprudens of Islam in Indonesia

OUR profesional


Prof. Mufti Ali, MA., Ph.D.

Professor of the History of Islamic Thought

Prof. Yanwar Pribadi, MA., Ph.D.

Professor of Anthropology of Religion

Dr. Mohamad Hudaeri, M.Ag.

islamic Thought

Dr. Sholahuddin Al Ayubi, M.A.

Anthropology of Religion

Dr. Hj. Eva Syarifah Wardah, M.Hum.

history of Islamic civilization

Dr. Aang Saeful Milah, M.A.

Arabic language and literature

Dr. Lalu Turjiman Ahmad, M.A.

Arabic language and literature

Dr. Endang Saeful Anwar, Lc., M.A.

quranic studies

Dr. Mohammad Shoheh, M.A.

history of Islamic civilization

Dr. Agus Ali Dzawafi, M.Fil.I.

Islamic philosophy

Dr. Dadang Ismatullah, M.A.

Arabic language and literature

Dr. Hatta Raharja, M.A.

Arabic language and literature

Dr. Mohamad Rohman, M.Ag.

Arabic language and literature